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BT18 offers a fully customizable, hosted and liquidity ready cryptocurrency trading platform. It allows our partners to start a cryptocurrency exchange without having to invest in software development and without the need to funnel liquidity into the exchange.


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Become your own trading house by opting for a white label. Subscribe to and make it work for you the way you want it through customization, no matter how demanding and complex your requirements are.

Get a multitude of an exclusive platform, connectivity, reporting and back office privileges as a white label subscriber.

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Unmatched Fair Market Advantage

The BT18 exchange platform, featuring Belfrics spot exchange, matches trading orders based on price and time priority. The spot exchange feature reduces exposure on digital currency volatility, and eliminates counterparty risk factor, as all trading positions are fully funded. Users can effortlessly access and use the BT18 exchange platform.

Smart Exchange Aggregation

Belfrics deploys state-of-the-art algorithms that aggregate feeds from multiple exchanges to facilitate a deep pool of liquidity for dynamic trade executions. The futuristic BT18 exchange platform also integrates an optimistic fund locking feature, which keeps the funds free until execution, enabling users to withdraw their funds at any point in time.

Cutting-Edge APIs

Application Programming Interface, or API, is classified on the BT18 platform into two categories – Common API and Private API. The Common API accommodates public requests that provide the general public with a “Try it out” function without a login, while the Private API, which incorporates the trading and wallet parts, only entertain private requests and that requires a login.

POS Gateway

BT18 presents an integrated, end-to-end Point of Sales solution with a fluid interface that can be customized to your specific requirements. Enterprises can now register a merchant account with Belfrics Point of Sales gateway to instantly start accepting Bitcoin from customers. Once the merchant KYC process is completed, you will be live to accept digital currency.

Industry-Leading Technology

The revolutionary BT18 exchange platform runs on exceptionally advanced technology with DNS failover to provide sustenance for DDoS resilience and fast failovers. Integrating a distributed server architecture with clustered persistence, the phenomenal exchange platform provides outage-free service with Geo IP routing for super-fast client transactions across the globe.


Platform Overview

Order Watch

This gives the user the ability to look at the bid-ask spread and understand the buyer and seller sentiment along with volume of trade at that point in time.

Market Watch

Market Watch allows the user to look at each digital asset pair from a macro level and understand the difference between the highest bid and the lowest ask to understand the size of the spread. It gives the user a bigger picture understanding of the state of these digital assets and their performance levels at that point.


You are provided with a ready-to-go Wallet feature and your users can store their digital assets in their wallets on your exchange. The users can withdraw and deposit any compatible digital assets from and into this wallet.

Market Status

A graphical representation of the Market performance can help your users understand the behavior of the asset/market. Identifying trends that help your users make better decisions when trading is crucial and the ability to view the market status makes this possible.


BT18 provides you with an immediately ready-to-trade exchange. The process of putting in a trade is fast, simple and secure. On completion, the assets either purchased or sold will reflect in the user’s wallet.

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