BelDapp Research Assistant

Position: Research Assistant

Experience: 3+ years

Salary: As per experience

Education: UG in social sciences, computer sciences,business, and Information technology


  1. Excellent time management skills.

  2. Working Knowledge on Blockchain technology and Blockchain use cases.

  3. Define the clients; portfolio

  4. Develop data tables on various clients

  5. Conduct literature review

  6. Conduct interviews with potential clients and contact persons

  7. Record and maintain data

  8. Research on various areas of interest to the company

  9. Understand and research market and industry trends

  10. Strong analytical abilities.

  11. Working knowledge on qualitative and quantitative research.

  12. Must be able to create and execute questionnaires.

  13. Must be detail-oriented for up to 85% of the work time.

  14. Must have interpersonal skills.

  15. Must be able to think on their feet.

  16. Identify and compile a list of potential clients.

  17. Prepare concept notes and proposals.

  18. Write and contribute to publications.

  19. Track progress over time.

  20. Work with the sales team to create a knowledge bank for various clients and markets.

  21. Top skills and proficiencies.

  22. Attention to detail.

  23. Independent thinking.

  24. High analytical thinking.

  25. Curious.

  26. Data collection.

  27. Interviewing.

  28. Communication.


  1. 3 years of work experience in research and innovation.

  2. An undergraduate degree in social sciences, computer sciences, business, and Information technology. A post-graduate degree will be an added advantage.

  3. Ability to multitask.

  4. Excellent time management skills.

  5. Working Knowledge of Blockchain technology and Blockchain use cases.

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. Specialized knowledge in Forex, Equities and/or the cryptocurrency industry.

  2. Languages: Fluent in English (oral/written)

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