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Belfrics Bitcoin payment gateway enables merchant to accept a digital currency that is universal, borderless and immensely popular. Bitcoins are slowly gaining immense recognition and are growing phenomenally with more and more people trading with this digital currency. The universal acceptance of bitcoin has given a tremendous opportunity for merchants to do crossborder transactions instantly and at reduced cost.

Accept payments from anyone, anytime, anywhere

Merchants can cut down their high credit card processing fee and the currency conversion fee by adding Bitcoin as their preferred means of payment acceptance. By implementing belfrics payment gateway, merchants can instantly start accepting payments in Bitcoin from computers and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

No Chargebacks

With Bitcoin payment gateways, you can be worry free of chargebacks and of the risks associated with the credit card fraud transaction. The bitcoin blockchain is one of the most highly resilient secure system wherein payment processing can be effected without the fear of manipulations and hacking.

Instant processing

Belfrics offers merchants the options to offset the received bitcoins instantly to their local currency through belfrics spot exchange thereby reducing the risk of bitcoin price fluctuation.

Instant setup

You can test Belfrics Bitcoin payment gateway instantly by registering a merchant account with us. Upon completing the merchant KYC process, you will be ready to accept the most traded digital currency in the world.

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