Bringing cryptocurrency trading to your fingertips

Any individual can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with the click of a button. The Belfrics App provides users with extensive access to the order book for the virtual currencies that can be traded on the platform.

Digital asset trading is a Touch away

Take a look at our instructional videos aimed at helping you have a smooth, challenge-free experience as you trade on the Belfrics App.

Buy and sell virtual currency on the go

Trading on the Belfrics App comes with an abundance of greatly advantageous features.


A completely safe and discreet platform to trade and/or invest in cryptocurrency.

Buy & Sell

An easy way to buy cryptocurrency with fiat money and to sell your cryptocurrency for local currency worldwide.

Price Charts

Keeps you updated with market trends and changes as it happens.

Send & Receive

Makes sending and receiving cryptocurrency safe, secure, fast and easy with the help of push notifications and QR Codes.


Protect your account with a passcode to keep it completely secure even if your phone/device is stolen.

Your Portfolio

Portfolio will reflect the real time sum value of your digital assets stored in your Belfrics wallet.

Superior Payment Gateway

Our Payment gateway transcends borders and geographies. It works 24/7 and comes without the chargeback hassle.


Multiple feed aggregations and deep liquidity pool ensures effective trade execution

Get Started

Steps to start trading on the Belfrics App

Step 1

Download the Belfrics App from Google Play storeĀ & App store

Step 2

Register for a free Belfrics Account, and verify your KYC.

Step 3

Enable Security with Two-Factor Authentication (SMS & Email)

Step 4

Connect with your preferred account & Start trading in Crypto

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